Easter Eggstravaganza


Easter Egg-stravaganza: April 12, 2020

No Easter egg hunts this year? Guess again! Water’s Edge is hosting an “Easter Egg-stravaganza: Home Edition.”
You provide the Easter eggs and candy, and we’ll give you the video and print materials to transform your hunt into a fun-filled, Gospel-centered experience. It’s fun and easy!

Here’s what you will need to download and print:

Easter Eggstravaganza Video

(Please see instructions below before playing video)

Additional Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic Easter eggs
  2. Candy or other small treats
  3. Bottle of glue or glue stick


  1. Print one copy of the Easter Egg-stravaganza Story Sheet for each child
  2. Print one set of Easter story pictures for each child. Cut out the pictures, then fold them so they fit inside a plastic Easter egg.
  3. Place candy or treats in some eggs and the story pictures in others.
  4. Before hunting for the eggs, begin playing the video. (Click here) The video will tell them to begin searching. Pause the video when prompted.
  5. When the story pictures have all been found, encourage your children to place them on the Story Sheet in the order of the Easter story.
  6. Begin playing the video again. The video will reveal the correct order while telling the Easter story.