House Church

APRIL 19, 2020

All you will need is a Bible and access to the video below. You will be guided through a fun and interactive worship experience that gets everyone involved. Have fun with it and make it your own!



We are also hosting worship live on Zoom this Sunday at 10:00 AM. The content will be the same as the House Church resource page, but it will be hosted LIVE by Pastor Mark and Pastor Anthony. All you need to do is click on the link below and you will be directed to the Zoom meeting room.*

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Call to Worship

As you make the sign of the cross say:

We begin worship in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

 Then give each other a rock fist and say, “Jesus is the rock!”

Someone read from Psalm 9:1-2

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and exult in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

After reading the psalm everyone can share one thing they are thankful for from the past week.

Opening Video and Singing

Join Pastor Anthony as he leads you in a worship song.


Opening Question:

  • What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word worship? Why do you think that is?

Someone read the following:

Romans 12: 1 says “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”

Paul, the author of Romans, mentions worship here but he doesn’t mention music. He is encouraging followers of Jesus to think outside of the box and realize that worship is so much bigger than just singing songs on Sunday. Paul is teaching us that everything we do can be an act of worship to God.

Discussion Question:

  • What are some things you do throughout your day without ever thinking about God?

Someone read the following:

Doing our ordinary activities as acts of worship doesn’t have to be difficult or churchy. It simply means that we keep God in the front of our minds as we go about our day. When we do the dishes, we can thank God for the meal we just ate. When we are in class, we can thank God for our teachers who are working long hours to make e-learning as smooth as possible. When work gets long and tiresome, we can thank God for our job and ask that he gives us a servant’s heart towards our peers.

Take a moment of silence as you each think about where you have ignored God in your daily tasks.

Someone read the following:

Lord, you are with us in every moment of every day. But we confess that we ignore you most of the time. We often think worship is a thing we go to or do on Sunday. But your Word teaches us that everything we do can be an act of worship to you. We are sorry for ignoring you. We ask that you forgive us for all our sins. We ask that by your mercy you give us the desire to spend time with you in everything we do.


Someone read the following:

Lord, we thank you that you tell us in Romans 5:8, “That you showed your love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

We thank you that even though we ignore you, you never ignore us. We thank you that you didn’t ignore our sin or our broken relationship with you. We thank you that you love us so much that you sent Jesus to die for us and to forgive us of all of our sins. We thank you that we can be with you not only in eternity but also at this very moment and every moment of every day. Thank you for loving us and forgiving us.

Then go around and tell each other: You are forgiven by Jesus!

If you are worshiping by yourself today write this good news on a sticky note and place it somewhere you will see it as a reminder to yourself this week.

The Apostle’s Creed

As God’s forgiven people recite the Apostle’s Creed together with thankful hearts knowing that Christians around the world are saying these words today.

I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; he descended to the dead. On the third day he rose again; he ascended into heaven, he is seated at the right hand of the Father, and he will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Christian church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting. Amen. 


God is so generous! God has given us everything that we have. Our health, our friends and family, our jobs and the resources to take care of those who are in need. Take a moment to thank God for all that you have (Ask each person to share one way God has provided for them this week).

God doesn’t want just 10% of what we have. He wants all of it! He says, “Watch me take care of you in amazing ways as you live lives of generosity!” As a group take a moment to pray for generosity and provision at Water’s Edge in this season.

If you have not already set up a reoccurring online offering, please take a moment to do so.

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You can also mail checks to:

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Teaching Time

This Sunday we are talking about the unity and oneness that God has created for as His people and His church. We have unity and connectedness even in this time of pandemic! Check out the following links to read more about APEST and to take the APEST assessment mentioned in today’s sermon.

Read more about the APEST assessment here

Take the assessment here

This Week’s Text:

  • Ephesians 4:1-17

Watch this week’s teaching then discuss the following questions as a group.

Discussion Questions:

  • When you receive a gift are you more excited about what it can do for you or for other people? Explain.
  • How do you think God is using the pandemic to help you mature as a disciple?
  • What do you think are some of the gifts God has given you that can be used to bless others? (natural tendencies, experiences, personality traits, talents, etc.) If you can’t think of any have other people share what they see in you.


After the teaching and discussion, conclude your time together in prayer. Take a moment to be still before God and listen to see if he puts anything on your heart. If he does share it with your group. Then spend some time praying for the following:

  • For the Holy Spirit to show you how he has gifted you to help God’s church be unified and mature.
  • For the doctors and scientists who are working for a vaccine for COVID-19
  • Eradication of COVID-19 and healing for those who are sick
  • For followers of Jesus to be a presence of peace and joy in our city
  • For financial provision for our church and community
  • For any needs in your household and community


When you are done praying say the following together:

May our worship continue as we live as witnesses of our risen Savior!